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I started out as a puppet dancing to the tune of societal expectation. My creations were empty of life unless validated by the masses. Tired of smothering my art-forms potential I clipped my strings of limitation and began creating on a level that pulls the unconscious into the conscious field of view.



2022 – The Inaro Museum of Contemporary Art

2023 - Space Girl Oddity

2023 -Split

2023- Third Eye Blind

2023 – Eye See You

Within the veins of our desire

are elements of star fire.

2023 - Star Seed


Creative Director

2019 - Present: I Ain’t Your Marionette Press

2018 - Present: Rusty’s Digital Arts

2006 - Present: Molandry Construction

Illustrator, Editor, and Curator

2019 -Present: I Ain’t Your Marionette Press

2019-Present: Shattered Psyche


Capturing Canada’s Ever-Shifting Beauty:

A landscape Art Project.

Hello, fellow art enthusiasts! My name is Marie Moldovan, and I hope to embark on an artistic odyssey across the breathtaking landscapes of Canada. Join me, my trusty pets, my daughter Samantha and my camera as we explore the wild beauty that defines this vast and diverse country.

Our mission is simple yet profound: to document Canada’s ever-changing landscapes through various artistic mediums. From the rugged Rocky Mountains to the serene shores of the Maritimes, we’ll capture the essence of each region—the play of light on pristine lakes, the whisper of wind through ancient forests, and the dance of seasons across rolling prairies.


  1. Photography: Armed with my camera Samantha and l will freeze moments of natural wonder—sunsets over Banff, misty mornings in Algonquin Park, and the Northern Lights dancing above the Yukon.
  2. Painting and Sketching: My artistic journey won’t be limited to photography. I’ll also create vibrant paintings and delicate sketches inspired by the landscapes I encounter.
  3. Mixed Media: Collages, digital art, and even 3D installations—my creativity knows no bounds. Each medium will breathe life into the stories hidden within the rocks, trees, and waterfalls.

Why Crowdfunding? This project isn’t just about me—it’s about sharing the magic of Canada with all of you. By contributing to our campaign, you become part of this artistic pilgrimage. Your support will fund travel expenses, art supplies, and exhibition costs.

Rewards for Backers:

  1. Wilderness Postcards: Receive exclusive postcards featuring my original photographs and artwork. These snapshots of Canada’s beauty will transport you to the heart of the wilderness.
  2. Limited Edition Prints: Backers at higher tiers will receive limited-edition prints of my most captivating pieces. Hang them in your home or office, and let the landscapes inspire you daily.
  3. Virtual Studio Tour: Join me for a live virtual tour of my studio. Peek behind the scenes, see works in progress, and ask questions about my creative process.
  4. VIP Exhibition Passes: When our exhibition comes to life, you’ll receive VIP passes to the opening night. Rub shoulders with fellow art lovers and immerse yourself in our shared vision.

Timeline: Our journey begins summer of 2025, and we’ll traverse Canada over the next year. By winter, we’ll have a treasure trove of art ready for exhibition. But we need your help to make it happen!

Join Us: Let’s celebrate the raw beauty of Canada together. Whether you’re a nature lover, an art enthusiast, or simply someone who believes in the power of creativity, your contribution matters. We are seeking to raise $15,000.00. To donate to click the button below.

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